Spring Yearly Service

You have made a significant investment in your outdoor living space or commercial outdoor patio with the purchase of a high pressure misting system. Misting systems need regularly scheduled service no less than once a year and for larger commercial systems more frequent service is required. This is important to keep your system running properly for many years to come. As a loyal customer we appreciate your business and remain dedicated to providing you the best possible service, and will ensure that you will have many years of cool summers. If you have any questions or would like to order parts to do it yourself please contact our customer service department to ship out the parts you need to your home or business.

• Replace all the filters.
• Change pump oil.
• Clean all the nozzles.
• Flush out the system.
• Check all lines for leaks.
• Check the pump pressure.
• Tighten all fittings.
• Test all switches.
• Check low & high pressure hoses for ware.
• Inspect all electrical wires & amperage.
• Clean out all debris inside pump housing.
• Replace nozzles that are not performing properly after being cleaned.

Winter Power-Down Service

In the cooler months the weather brings freezing night temperatures that can cause the inlet water pipes and lines on misting systems to expand up to 10%. Expansion causes PVC lines, copper lines, water valves and filter housings to crack or break which can lead to a costly flood where the misting pump is located. To avoid costly repairs please complete the steps listed below.

• Turn on the misting system.
• Inspect entire system for leaks.
• Tighten all fittings.
• Inspect all electrical lines & switch.
• Flush and blow out all lines with compressed air.
• Disconnect power source.
• Disconnect water source.
• Remove all filter cartridges.
• Clean pump area.